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Need to relax.

Does anyone else ever feel that they're living life in baby steps? Or is that just me being impatient?

I'm finally starting to understand a lot of things, do things instead of saying "I wish I could". I take chances and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but at least I tried. Which doesn't mean that I don't fall back into old habits, but I feel I'm making progress. Baby steps progress. Baby has to leave the nest. Gah.

I graduate in 9 weeks. I can hardly believe it, and I'll say unabashedly that I'm starting to freak out, though I'm doing my best to tamp it down and enjoy the time that's left. For three years I've felt the most fufilled I've ever been, and I'm terrified that means that I'm overdue for a long black spot of some kind. Which is not to say that these past few years have been without anxiety, exhaustion, tears, self-doubt, etc.. But God, I will miss it so much.

I need to remember I had a life before doing this program. I miss things about that, too. Having time for my friends and family. Having money.

Need to breathe!
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