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I needed tonight

Today started out crappy. Stressed, preoccupied, trying desperately to squelch the feelings of negativity, only to have them rear their ugly heads even more. Then had to go off to a class which Ioathe.

Thought I was going to go have a quiet drink with a friend afterwards, where we could commiserate together. After a queit drink or two at happy hour, I wuld go home and be good and work. Turned out a bunch of people from our class were at the bar, and I coulnd't have had a nicer time. It was fun. Really fun. Everyone let their guard down, myself included, and it was just *fun*. Didn't have a care in the world.

I need fun. People need fun. Once in awhile we need to step back, stop trying to be "good", and let loose, because life isn't worth it unless you let loose once in awhile.
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