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Ahhhh, auditioning....

Had one today for a rather prestigious theater festival. Was a bit miffed that they only asked me to do one after having prepared two, and chose the dramatic one. Of course after I was finished, I wondered if I should have done the comedic.

Went OK, I think. I never know how these things go. Sometimes you think you're terrible and it's great, other times you think you're really on and nothing reads to the audience. So...I don't know how it went. I'm trying not to over-anyalze everything I saw out of the corner of my eye as I did monologue (hands over mouths, glancing at each other. I mean, really, WTF), and focus on the positive...hey, I got to perform today in front of people who don't know me from Adam. And I looked good! I must admit, this "always dress like someone's going to hire you" advice does wonders for your confidence. Though I do have to say, I miss my overalls.

Absolutely hate waiting for the phone to ring. Argh. Well, I wanted to be an actor :)

Is it bad after an audition to want to sack in the rest of the day, have a glass of wine and a bath and just go to bed?
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