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Spring Break over...

...not that one was really had, being that I had rehearsal and work almost every day. But I had the weekend off, which was lovely. So lovely.

Friday night went to a friend's apt out in Jersey, ate pizza, drank wine, hung out. It's important to relax with friends to retain sanity. Hilarity and conversation were had. Night ended with friend's husband, a rather dignified individual, skipping down the street to the car.

Yesterday I had a voice lesson, then walked down 60 blocks down through the Upper West Side, stopping in clothing stores on the way. The funny thing? I can now fit into clothes--shock!--quite easily in stores that I love. Ok, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that they fit and I still don't like a lot of them. Oh, don't get me wrong, I loved PLENTY of the stuff I tried on at Club Monaco, Agnes B, BCBG, Luluemon (to name a few) but I'm still way too *short* for a lot of them. Skirts cut me off in the wrong places and pants, for the most part, are still too long. Sigh. Better for me, I guess, and my credit card!

This morning I caught a bit of the Easter Parade, sweated out to Physique, and then met up with a friend for a talk at Lincoln Center, where said friend and our voice coach informed me that I was being a dink for not asking this working Broadway actor a question I wanted to ask. It doesn't matter how old I get, I still feel like a dork when I ask questions about something I care about...ergh! Anyway, got dragged over to said artist by her and my voice coach, asked the question and felt better, though the niggling dorkdom feeling still prevailed.

Then went and ran lines for the play I'm in over tea, sandwiches, and banana nutella cake at Alice's Tea Cup. The banana nutella cake was heavenly. I can recommend it.

A nice way to end Easter. A nice way to end Spring Break, all 48 hours of it.
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