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2009 is an hour and half old

...and I've already fought with one cabbie, had words with a random drunk person on the street, and had to pull the don't-even-try-pulling-shit-on-me on another cabbie.

Cabbie: "I don't go to Astoria."
Me: "You have to, it's New York City law to take me where I need to go within city limits."
Cabbie: "Are you going to pay me double to fare?" (to go to Astoria)
Me: "I'm not paying you double anything. If you've got a problem, I'll just get another cab."
Cabbie: "Don't worry ma'am, I'll take you there." (pause) "Are you drunk?"
Me: "I don't drink". (A lie, but luckily sober enough to pull it off).
Cabbie:"Ah." (pause) "I think I know how to get there. Are you from here?"
Me: "I've lived here all my life." (another lie) "Take the Queensboro and I'll direct you from there."

Cabbie then proceeds to tell me his life story, punctuating every sentence with "you know?" "It's very cold out, you know? Times Square is crazy, you know? I'm out tonight trying to help people, you know? The Jews are killing people, you know? In the Gaza, you know? You're very pretty, you know?"

God help me if this is any indication how 2009 is going to be. Fighting with people, making sure I'm not taken advantage of, and biting my tongue.

Sigh. Giggle.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Happy New Year.
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