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My favorite place in the world

...is still the library. Is that terribly nerdy?

Right now I'm sitting in library in the small town where I grew up, typing away on my parents' laptop to make sure their wireless card is working (the problem *is* the router after all. Ha! I win over smug brother unit). It's small, it's clean, it's quiet, and I'm surrounded by books. And hey, now it even has wireless internet access. Perfect!

I love any library, really, but there's something about this one that always makes me happy. My mom would drop me off here and I'd stay for hours at a time. One time she came by to pick me up and the librarian at the front informed her that they were closed. I came running out of the stacks where I'd been huddled up reading, to the surprise of the librarian and the relief of my mother.

I love being surrounded by knowledge. I love the quiet of this place, and quiet usually freaks me out. A few weeks ago I was reading an article in the Times about the "new breed" of librarians, the hipster culture that's starting to pervade the profession. I think it's funny, but it makes me wonder if I missed out on a possible career choice. Not that I'm a hipster--I've got no patience for that--and I'm sure I'd get tired of the endless cataloguing,but a nice 10-6 job with benefits in a pleasant working environment...hm.

Not that I'm giving up what I do. It's just another possible path I look at sometimes.
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